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Solar Energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that will not end anytime soon. So you can rest assured knowing you’ll probably never run out of fuel to supply your electricity needs.

EV Charging

Improving air quality and energy security while reducing noise pollution, carbon emissions and reducing the need for fossil fuels. Helping you drive green and protect the planet.


Our engineers have completed works around the Lancashire area. Domestic and commercial environments, inc caravan sites and new housing sectors.


We do business in an honest and caring way, that works for you. All work comes with warranty and guarantee on panels inverters and batteries.We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship.

Completed Projects

Working on new builds, older housing and commerical premises.

Chorley Renewables
Chorley Renewables

Sourcing Renewable Energy Products from Around the World

Chorley Renewables are the top renewable energy solutions company

Installing the Latest Technologies

Specializing in using Solax Hybrid Inverters and Longi High Efficiency Solar Panels

We supply and expertly install Solar Panels, Battery Systems and Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems.

An example of our products, the SolaX X1 Smart is amongst some of the most efficient residential string solar inverters available on the market today, boasting a massive 97.8% efficiency.

LONGi’s industry-leading product quality, experienced technical team and standardized design systems, LONGi residential solutions provide beautiful, environmentally-friendly rooftop solar systems that greatly reduce customer energy bills.

The Energy Saving Trust’s Solar Energy Calculator provides estimates for fuel bill savings and financial payments you may receive by installing a solar photovoltaic system (solar PV). These figures* are based on information you provide, using several assumptions to indicate potential benefits. This is to help you decide whether a solar PV system is suitable for you.

This tool estimates potential payments from the Smart Export Guarantee, which was introduced on 1 January 2020 and requires energy suppliers to pay customers for the electricity they export to the grid. There are a range of tariffs available for this and, in some cases, participation requires metering. Deals may also be time limited or have other conditions which you should consider carefully make the best choice for you.

*Please note: we can’t guarantee the calculations made by this tool. Actual fuel bill savings and financial payments from the installation of your planned system may vary.

Ecology Products
Sun Energy

How we work

Principles & Steps of Working with Chorley Renewables


Prepare Project

We will consult with you an all apescts of the installation, whether it is EV charging or Solar panel installation

Accompanying Docs

All work comes with documentation and including a SAP Calculation and warranties

Location Exploration

Site surveys are carried out and any additional work, roof repairs, armoured cabling, etc are identified

Equipment Installation

Our expert installation team will install the proposed energy solutions on the agreed date
Battery Storage

We also do Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Systems which are clever technology kits that route surplus energy created from your solar array. This channels the power that is excess to heaters/boilers and other appliances in your home when the solar is not producing.


Chorley Renewables supplying
tomorrow’s energy solutions

Awesome Features

Remote monitoring App. MPPT Effieciency of 99.9%

Our Solar panel installation team are all C&G 2399 G59 & G83 qualified. With over 10 years experience. We Fit panels with battery storage add ons with app monitoring. Systems. All work comes with warranty and guarantee on panels inverters and batteries.

Backup Generators

Installing the latest Hyundai Generators with Automatic Transfer Switch. Low noise, long run time (upto 18 hours) and portable solutions supplying power in the event of an outage.  Keep you business running.

Protect Business or Residential from Power Outages

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